Our Company

We take customer service seriously. Our service range at a glance:

  • Individual concepts for your product range
  • Product profiling & declaration on the basis of national or international legislation
  • Advice with regard to the presentation of the product, taking into account the legal situation
  • Consultation with medical and nutritional competence
  • Support for the acquisition of certification (Health, Free Sales, Export) through accredited laboratories and authorities
  • And other options
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Quality at all levels

Our processes are certified according to IFS and guarantee sustainable quality: 

  • Documentation and traceability of all processes from the initial idea to the finished product
  • Our HACCP concept ensures product safety against the background of regular risk analysis of raw materials and of all manufacturing processes
  • Our Food Defense Concept protects against deliberate manipulation 

As standard we follow developments in the evaluation of raw materials and methods with a view to the health safety and marketability of product developments.

Our employees receive regular training and education, ensuring that they grow along with new challenges and insights.

The procurement of goods and services is carried out solely by certified German and other European suppliers and service providers. That is how raw material supply and technical equipment are best aligned according to IFS assessment criteria.

Quality at all levels

My Promise

Satisfied consumers and customers with quality liquids; this is my promise to you. 

This is what I stand for with a know-how acquired over more than 17 years: dietary supplements in liquid form pose special challenges for flavour, mouth feel and stability due to the variety of interactions of their raw materials and active ingredients. 

I would like to further expand these treasured offerings for the benefit of our customers in the future - and to pass it on to the next generation. This is what motivates me. 

Liquids are different: not everything may be possible. But much more is possible than is first assumed. Communication and innovation is all in a day’s work for us.  

By means of clear dialogue, we will implement your ideas competently and fairly and create successful products.  

We invite you to take this step forward with us. 


Bernd Lüschow

My Promise<br/>